Entertainment Pros


Entertainment Pros was founded in 2006, in Palm Harbor, Florida with the purpose of specifying and installing the finest entertainment solutions in central Florida.

We are a locally owned and operated company. We've been in Central Florida for nine years and we've succeeded by taking excellent care of our customers and standing behind behind everything we sell. If you're not satisfied - let us know and we'll find a solution that will make you satisfied.

Fully licensed and insured in the state of Florida.
Registered with the state of Florida, License ES12001376.

  • President's Message

    We've grown considerably since starting this company in 2001. The reason we've grown is that our customers mean everything to us, and that will never change. We work to deliver the best value in home entertainment systems in Central Florida.

    Customer service means everything to me. If you have any questions about what we offer - call us.

    Chip Tollefson

  • Office Manager Message

    Today there are so many choices and options for the homeowner. We can help you sift through the many brands and models to find a solution that works best for you and family.

    My role is to make sure you are taken of, from pricing to invoicing, from installations to followup. I work hard to achieve that - everyday. If you have any questions about our products or projects - call us.

    Christina Tollefson


Entertainment Pros was founded in 2006 by industry veteran Chip Tollefson. An electronics industry specialist with a background in the USMC Avionics field from 1989-2005. While working on Marine Corps FA/18 fighter aircraft, Chip took it upon himself to accept the challenges that others avoided, and received satisfaction from repairing the equipment that others had failed at or refused to attempt. Upon completing his Marine Corps enlistment, He moved from the aviation industry to the Florida home electronics industry.

After spending 3 years at Circuit City, he transitioned to Florida-based "Sound Advice" in 1989. After several years as a top-level installer, he took a position as a field supervisor, running all of the installation crews in one of the top 3 stores in Florida. The next step in the transition was leaving "Sound Advice", and forming "Entertainment Pros" in 2006, to further his passion for providing top-level service and installation in an industry plagued with "wannabees."